Help / Placing Orders

CSV Upload

Placing orders with the CSV upload is relatively easy, once you understand how it works. To get started, you can download the template here.

You'll need a spreadsheet program to use the template effectively, such as Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers or Open Office, which is an open source clone of Microsoft Office. Technically you can open and edit CSV files with a text editor, but we don't recommend it.

To use the template, simply copy your order data into the appropriate column on the template. You can see the column descriptions and requirements below. Each item in an order will occupy a single row. Multiple items in an order will share the same "external_order_id", but will still need all other columns filled out. Orders are defined by the "external_order_id" field.

For instance, if you have an order with 4 items, you will need to fill out 4 rows. Each row will have an identical value in the "external_order_id" field.

Template Columns

external_order_id required alpha-numerical

A unique order identifier, typically an order number from your own system or website. If multiple items exist for an order, each row representing an item will have the same external_order_id. If you don't have one, make one up. But be aware, each separate order needs a UNIQUE identifier!

requested_shipping required shipping method code

A code that represents the desired shipping method. Please see here for a list of shipping method codes.

company not required alpha-numerical

Company name of ship to address.

first_name required alpha-numerical

First name of recipient in ship to address.

last_name required alpha-numerical

Last name of recipient in ship to address.

address_1 required alpha-numerical

Street address / primary line in ship to address. e.g. 123 Main St.

address_2 not required alpha-numerical

Secondary address line in ship to address. e.g. Apt. 5

city required alpha-numerical

City in ship to address. e.g. Chicago

state not required alpha-numerical

State in ship to address. e.g. Illinois

postal_code required alpha-numerical

Zip code or postal code in ship to address. e.g. 60606

country required Standard 2 letter country code

Country code in ship to address. e.g. US

phone required alpha-numerical

Phone number of ship to addressee. Used by carriers to notify delivery e.g. 615-320-8900

quantity required numerical

Quantity of item e.g. 3

sku required alpha-numerical, dashes, underscores - no spaces

The PrintOps product sku - see below on where you find the sku of a product e.g. 18x24-poster-sunflower

image_url not required url

The download link to an image for template product. This is only used by users who are using "template products". See below for more information. e.g.

image_name not required alpha-numberical, dashes, underscores - no spaces

The filename for the image of a template product. This is only used by users who are using "template products". See below for more information. e.g. 18x24-poster-sunflower.jpg Filename must include file extension, e.g. ".jpg", ".pdf", etc.

Finding the SKU of a Product

If you navigate to a store on your account and then to the products page, you will see a list of products. On each product, you will see the product title and below that, the product sku.

What is a Template Product?

For users who have large libraries of images and don't have the time to create products for each and every product, we offer a solution called template products. When entering the SKU field above, you will enter the sku of a default product that just references the size and options, but has no image attached. Then you can send us a url to download this image on the fly, or we can connect a DropBox folder to your account and you just need to reference the filename field.

*Please Note: currently this option is only available for the CSV order upload method. You have to have real products to use any of our integrations or the shopping cart.

If this is something that sounds like it would work with your use case, please contact us.