Help / Billing


How Billing Works

To be able to submit orders, it is required that you input a valid credit card or debit card into the site. Instead of charging your card for every order that is placed, we charge you for a group of orders after they have shipped. Each customer starts with a base account limit of US $25.00. When the total cost of shipped orders on your account reaches at least $25.00, you are invoiced for these orders and your card is charged.

For instance, if 3 orders have shipped on your account and each order has a total of $10.00, after the third order ships, the system will go ahead and bill you for $30.00.

Detailed invoices are provided in the billing section of your account. You can download a PDF version of the invoice as well as a CSV breakdown of all orders in that invoice.

After a user has been established for some time, it is possible to request a higher account limit. Please contact us about this.

Stale accounts will be charged any outstanding balance at the end of each month. A stale account is defined as an account with no activity in 14 days.