How Does it Work makes it simple to create orders for your customers. Right now, we only offer manual order placement using a simple shopping cart system, or you can upload a spreadsheet of order data. Soon we will be offering direct connections to e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, BigCommerce and more!

After you create an account and add your billing information, you can create a store and then products for that store. Creating products is as simple as uploading your print ready file (we accept jpg, tiff or pdf files), selecting a few options and giving it a meaningful name.

Once you have products in your store, you can place an order. Either use a spreadsheet template or utilize our easy-to-use shopping cart.

After an order is placed, it goes into our queue to await a file check, image processing and finally printing. After an order has been printed and quality checked, it is then sent on to be packaged and shipped out to your customer.